The rise of the green nomad

Have you heard of the green nomads? They’re eco-friendly travellers who spend just as much time on the road as they do thinking about the environment. According to data from The Real Home Shift report, many Australians are re-evaluating whether their living space is meeting their needs, so it’s no surprise that the green nomadic lifestyle is on the rise.

Could this be your next calling or lifestyle dream? Here’s a deeper look into it.

Who exactly are ‘green nomads’?

As the latest instalment in a series of studies on the changing values and concerns of families, The Real Home Shift report examined how the traditional concept of the home is changing. What the research uncovered was how some Australians have reassessed their lifestyles to be more sustainable while exploring our country’s big backyard.

More than two in five of those surveyed (42.3%) said they were attracted to the green nomad lifestyle, with one key reason being the ban on international travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These green nomads live life on the open road while appreciating the natural Australian environment and minimising their impact on the ecosystem.

Benefits of a nomadic lifestyle

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of those who are interested in a green nomad lifestyle are the younger generations – in particular, Gen Z (57.5%) and Gen Y (50.3%) compared to Baby Boomers (30.9%).

Beyond their individual preference to look after our world and be more environmentally conscious, one of the greatest appeals for green nomads is the opportunity to see and explore all of the natural wonders of Australia. Freedom is also a big drawcard, as opposed to living in a traditional home in the city.

This latter point may also have something to do with the rising cost of living for young Australians, and the fact that home ownership is a dream that many feel is unattainable at the moment. Instead, green nomads swap out the cost of rent and mortgages for a caravan or tent and travel around the country experiencing nature and other communities in all their glory.

Why young people are drawn to becoming green nomads

The green nomad lifestyle is trending among younger generations aged under 50 who generally fall into the higher wealth segments. Being without an established home – or perhaps with the ability to rent it out while they are away – as well as the ability to pack up their lives and travel around the country for an extended period makes this lifestyle more manageable.

Green nomads will often travel for weeks or months at a time, with some even committing to a permanent lifestyle change. They are drawn to the freedom and serenity of the outdoors and the country’s diverse landscapes, often staying in the wilderness or less-congested regional areas. Being able to escape the city and truly appreciate the natural environment is what drives green nomads.

When asked to describe why the life of a green nomad appeals to them, respondents to The Real Home Shift cited five key benefits:

  • Chance to see and explore Australia
  • Nature
  • Freedom
  • Love travelling and getting away in general
  • Interesting lifestyle

The call of nature and the freedom of the open road – compared to the high costs of living in the city – has clearly paved the way for a new type of traveller: one who is conscious of their impact on the environment and wants to experience all that our amazing country has to offer.

The global pandemic has impacted so many parts of our lives, from our health to our work to our family interactions and more. But every cloud has a silver lining, and many Australians are realising that there’s so much wonder to be found right in our backyard. Whether you’re keen on seeing new parts of the country or want to become a fully fledged green nomad, now is the time to explore!

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