What’s on your bucket list? Turn dreams into reality

Your bucket list is made up of the experiences that you hope to achieve during your lifetime. Well it’s time to stop wishing and start doing!

Here are a few popular bucket list additions you might want to add to your own.

Swim with dolphins

Who doesn’t want to come face to face with Flipper? Dolphins have long been a bucket list essential and swimming with these magnificent creatures can be a very relaxing experience. In Western Australia you can swim with dolphins in the protected bays of Rockingham and Shoal Water Island Marine Park, just a 45-minute drive from Perth. You can also swim with dolphins, as well as sea lions, in the Gawler Ranges, near Port Lincoln in South Australia.

Ride a hot air balloon

Soaring silently through the sky isn’t something you can only do in a plane. Seeing the world roll by from the basket of a hot air balloon is a truly incredible experience and Australia is one of the world’s most beautiful places to view from above. You can ride a hot air balloon over the Hunter Valley, Canberra, Sydney and the Gold Coast. Don’t forget to take your camera!

Visit Uluru

World Heritage listed icon Uluru (Ayers Rock) has charmed and enchanted people for centuries and seeing this stunning rock change colours from pink to purple to red depending on the time of day is mind-blowing. As a cherished symbol of the Australian Outback, it’s a bucket list must-see, especially if you pair it with an authentic BBQ dinner under the stars at the Sounds of Silence.

Eat at a Michelin star awarded restaurant

Life is for living and a little luxury and decadence should be a given from time to time. If tucking into gourmet food is on your bucket list, you can’t beat eating out at a Michelin star awarded restaurant, such as Melbourne’s Vue de Monde, where top food, service and ambience will ensure an unforgettable life experience.

Learn a foreign language

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel abroad to South America, Indonesia, France, Italy and more and be able to say more than just a simple hello or goodbye? Learning a foreign language can open so many doors and make for a richer travelling experience when you venture away from home. If your local school doesn’t have what you’re after to help you tick this one off your bucket list, there are several ways to study online – there are even phone apps you can download, making it even easier!

Publish a book

Gone are the days when getting your book printed is expensive and time consuming, and you don’t even need an agent or publisher to achieve this anymore. Publishing a book is now something anyone can check off their bucket list, thanks to CreateSpace by Amazon and an infinite supply of helpful online information. All you really have to worry about is writing your book, but don’t feel daunted. If you start now and do a little each day you could be holding your own masterpiece by next Christmas.

Travel on your own

It might sound unnerving if you’re not used to going solo, but travelling alone can be an enriching and exhilarating experience. Even if you only take yourself on a sunset hike, or for a weekend at a spa, get out there regularly and have a conversation with a stranger, see something you never thought you’d see and enjoy the incredible time you can spend with ‘me, myself and I’.

What’s on your bucket list? Share it with us, and set yourself up before you go with Real Life Insurance and Real Travel Insurance.

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