Health & Fitness

Running strong – why runners should do strength training

One reason many people love running is because it’s simple. You can run pretty much anywhere at any time and it’s easy to fit around other commitments.

Interval training and why all runners will benefit

Most of us have heard about interval training but if you’re an everyday runner rather than an elite athlete do you need to bother?

Stuck in a running rut – how to get excited about running again

It doesn’t matter if you are an everyday runner or a professional athlete, everyone is bound to hit a point where any excuse will suffice to avoid lacing up and going out for a run.

The complete guide to diets

With so many diets and programs to choose from, we have compiled a guide on the most popular diets available, and some of the not-so-common ones as well.

How sleep can affect your health

Did you know a study into sleep patterns of Australians revealed 96% of respondents reported feeling tired upon waking? Find out how lack of sleep can affect your health.

How to stay active at the office and improve your health

It’s known that we can all benefit from maintaining a level of physical activity and cutting back on our sedentary time, but how can we do this if we work in an office?

The 10 best stretches and warm up exercises before running

Warming up before a run is essential to prevent injuries, and some stretches are better than others. Check out the 10 best running stretches here.

Event recovery tips

You’ve trained hard and completed your run, but the best runners know that what follows next is just as important: recovery.

Lunchtime fitness for the workplace

Physical activity doesn’t have to wait til end of the day. Check out 7 lunchtime fitness ideas for the workplace online here.

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