8 time-saving hacks for the morning family rush

Most working parents say that parental leave, day-care facilities and the assistance of family and friends are very important for managing work and caring for their children. However, we all know that it can still be hard to get out the door in the morning. That’s why we’ve put together eight simple time-saving hacks to help you get ready for the day. For even more helpful tips, be sure to download our eBook 30 hacks to simplify life with kids and pets.  

1. Get up a little earlier

Resist the temptation to hit that snooze button. Instead, give yourself plenty of time to wake up, gather your thoughts and do a little prep before waking the kids. Take five-minutes to sit down and enjoy some ‘me time’ with a warm cup of tea before everyone gets out of bed.

2. Set a morning plan

Having a routine means you can get things done a little quicker by relying on tried-and-tested systems. There’ll also be less chance of forgetting something if you follow a morning checklist. The best part? It will become second nature soon enough.

3. Don’t do it all yourself

Getting multiple people out of the door is a challenge, so don’t feel like you have to face it alone. Give your kids age-appropriate chores and it’ll make your morning easier – and help them prepare for when they will have to do it all themselves one day!

4. Race against the song

You need some tricks up your sleeve for those difficult mornings when the family is feeling a little sluggish. If your kids are running behind schedule, put on their latest favourite tune and tell them it’s a game called “beat the song” – who can get everything done before the song finishes?

5. Get organised for school each term

Take the opportunity to create systems before the start of each term so school days run like clockwork. Create a menu for school snacks, set up an area with pens, pencils and paper to build a kid-friendly homework space, and always have back-up uniform items should someone accidentally spill their breakfast on themselves. If the day’s activities become a little chaotic, that chaos won’t spill over into your morning routine.

6. Organise bathroom caddies

“Where’s my hairbrush?” is not a question we want to hear on busy mornings! Bathroom caddies with each person’s essentials can help you – and your kids – stay organised. Encourage your kids to put their items back in the caddie after use so they don’t lose them. No more rushing out the door with a serious case of bedhead.

7. Do a little night-time prep

Get a head start on the morning by doing a little prep before bed. You can start by setting out the next day’s clothes, making sure lunch boxes are clean and ready to pack, and checking the diary for any special events the next day. If you’re not doing this, try it – it could be life-changing (or at least morning-changing).

8. Keep breakfast simple

Have a go-to list of simple and nutritious breakfast ideas – think cereal with fruit, toast with peanut butter and breakfast muffins. Muffins can be made in advance and easily defrosted. You can start with a basic savoury muffin mix and get each of your kids to add their filling of choice. It’s likely that they’ll eat their breakfast if they’ve had a say in what it is!

Being busy goes hand in hand with parenting. But simple hacks to save time in the morning can get you off to a great start and have you gliding through the rest of your day.

Ready to go? 

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