Paying by the month

At Real Insurance, we understand that sometimes your budget might be tight. In times like these, finding the money to pay for a full year of car insurance can be a challenge. This is why we give all of our car insurance customers the option to pay for their car insurance by the month.

Yes, many car insurance companies offer this service. However, some companies sneak in a monthly fee, so you end up paying much more than if you paid your full annual premium up front.

Real Insurance is different. We don’t charge you any extra for paying your insurance by the month. We literally divide your annual premium by 12, and that is what you need to pay each month. So there are no hidden fees or charges, and you can budget your money without it costing you any extra.

You can get a quick car insurance quote online from Real Insurance. Our online quotes show you the annual premium cost of your policy or the cost to pay by the month if that is more convenient for you.

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