Rhonda Burchmore talks about Real Pay As You Drive

Rhonda Burchmore may not have her legs insured for $70m like David Beckham, but her new partner – Real Insurance – can easily insure her car with their pay-as-you-drive insurance option.

Rhonda is known as “the sexiest legs in show business”. Straight from the stage of Calendar Girls, Rhonda has been busy with numerous projects, including a soon to be launched book aptly titled, Legs Eleven.

This book features many a cheeky tales on the famous people she has met along the way throughout her stellar career.

Rhonda remembers one such dinner with Mickey Rooney at the Savoy in London. All Mickey wore were high, well worn undies with the elastic in one leg missing – exposing his famous ‘McNuggets’! Rhonda didn’t know where to look, making it quite a shocking yet memorable evening.

Starring in the recently released Australian movie, Wedding Party, Rhonda goes from the big screen to television, musical theatre to opera to cabaret, with few entertainment mediums that she has not embraced with her wide ranging talents.

Rhonda also talks insurance matters and said: “Now that I’ve been introduced to Real Pay As You Drive Insurance, I have found that it’s the ideal option for my lifestyle.

“As I only drive about 4,000 kms a year, it makes perfect sense to only pay for the kilometers I use, and not pay the same as someone that drives double the amount of kilometers.”

In today’s economic climate and with ever-increasing household expenses, everyday Australians will now have the opportunity to choose a cover that suits their budget and lifestyle.

Real Pay As You Drive Insurance gives customers the benefits of comprehensive car insurance, but only pay for the kilometres they plan to drive – saving on average of 37% by switching to Real Pay As You Drive Insurance. Car owners should call 13 19 48, or visit our Pay As You Drive Insurance product page to find out more and how much they may be able to save.

From Lifestyle Options magazine, September 2010.

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