Understanding Real Funeral Insurance

As much as we don’t like to think about it, we won’t be around forever. And not planning for this inevitable event can leave your grieving family with thousands of dollars of expenses that may need to be paid quickly.

With Real Guaranteed Funeral Insurance Flexi Plus, when you pass away, your family will receive a quick cash payment - up to $15,000 (or up to $45,000 for Accidental Death). It’s designed to assist with the cost of your funeral and other final expenses, but your family can use it however they see fit – such as helping to cover outstanding debts including credit cards, personal loans and utility bills. Premiums are manageable over time too – they will never go up, and in fact they will reduce by 5% every 5 years you hold your Policy.

Who needs Funeral Insurance?

We all want to leave behind loving memories, not financial worries. That’s why Funeral Insurance is so important. It can help relieve your family of the financial burden of your funeral, as well as any other final expenses you may leave behind.

What does Funeral Insurance cover?

Real Funeral Insurance covers death due to any cause once you have held the Policy for 12 months, and pays a triple benefit for Accidental Death from day 1. And you can choose the level of cover you think your family will need, from $3,000 up to $15,000.

Plus, your Policy automatically comes with the added protection of Accidental Serious Injury Insurance at no extra cost! This means you can receive a cash benefit, which is equal to 3 times your chosen Real Funeral Insurance Benefit Amount, if you suffer an accidental serious injury (as outlined in the PDS).

What information will I need to get a Funeral Insurance quote?

Applying for Funeral Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why Real Insurance has made the process simple and easy to understand. View our Funeral Insurance Quote Guide to understand the information you will need to provide to get a quote.


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