Changing jobs & income protection – what you need to know

Protecting your income is important. Your ability to work and provide for your family is an asset for life. Some companies offer great income protection or salary continuance insurance, but are you able to continue your existing policy if you change companies in the future?

Check your policy details

It’s important to check your income protection policy details, because you may have to apply for cover elsewhere if your policy stops when you change jobs. Depending on your age and health at the time, you may wind up needing to pay more for your cover, receiving an exclusion or in some cases not getting approved at all.

With Real Insurance, you’re covered regardless of how your circumstances change.

With close to one third of Australian men and one fifth of Australian women working more than 50 hours a week to maintain their jobs1, there’s a significant amount of pay to lose out on if they can’t work. However, once you’re covered with Real Insurance, as long as you continue to pay your premiums, we’ll continue to cover you regardless of how your circumstances change.2

Always compare your options and see if what you have in place is the best cover for you, because nobody wants to be caught short when their family is relying on them.

Real Insurance is an industry-leading provider of Income Protection Insurance. Find out more about our affordable Income Protection Insurance cover or request a free quote.


  1. Australian Family Survey (December 2015)
  2. A waiting period and benefit period applies.

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