Financial independence for young singles

Nothing’s better than being young, free and in control of your own future. But you also need to be able to look after yourself when the unexpected happens. So it makes sense to have the right insurance cover.

When you’re young and just starting out in life, your financial independence is important. After all, it takes money to make the most of new opportunities and really enjoy life.

Whether you’re looking to travel the world, buy a car, get a place of your own, or just get out and about with friends, your independence is something worth protecting.

That’s why it makes sense to think about insurance. The right insurance cover helps make sure you and your loved ones can continue to enjoy life, even if the unexpected happens.

Protecting your lifestyle
When you’re young and active, you’re more likely to take part in higher-risk activities, that could see you getting injured. And what would happen if you became seriously ill and needed to take an extended period off work? Would you be able to keep on paying the bills?

Chances are that you don’t have large savings or assets, such as a house or investments, which you can call on if the unexpected happens. But while you’re getting your health back on track you could run up big medical bills on top of your day-to-day living expenses.

That’s when insurance can help. Here are some of the options you could consider:

  • Income protection insurance looks after your most valuable asset by paying up to 75% of your monthly pre-tax income if you can’t work because you are injured or sick.
  • Life insurance and total and permanent disability insurance helps to protect you and your loved ones if the worst happens, with a valuable payout if you die or become permanently disabled.

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