Money Matters

Why Income Protection Insurance is needed by self-employed workers

Self-employed people can be at a higher risk of losing their income than employees, so how can income protection insurance from Real Insurance help?

18 tips to save on your grocery bill without sacrificing quality

There are many ways you can save on your weekly grocery bill without sacrificing the quality of your food. We’ve outlined a few of our recommended ways here.

Why you need a budget for your family’s finances

Don’t be lax about managing your family’s finances. Create a fail-safe budget and savings plan, so you’re never left in the lurch. 

How to manage your finances when you’re out of work

Knowing how to manage your finances when you’re out work can be hard. This financial guide from Real Insurance can help. View our online resources here.

Tips to reduce your personal tax bill

Take advantage of these strategies to reduce your personal income tax bill and improve your finances.

10 ways to tackle money issues as a couple

Are unexpected expenses putting a strain on your relationship? With these 10 tips discover how you can tackle money issues as a team and save for the future.

5 ways to eliminate money anxiety


How to save for a dream holiday

Turn your dream holiday idea into a reality with our top tips on how to budget, plan and save.

Boost your business in the New Year

How you can kick off this year’s big plans for for your business.

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