Celebrating Christmas with your grandkids

Grandmother in kitchen with granddaughter

The countdown to Christmas has begun, and a little planning goes a long way towards creating great memories for you and your grandkids. Here are some fresh ideas to make this festive season the best one yet.

Keep it simple

Have you ever had an upcoming Christmas that was supposed to be simple but you ended up shopping on Christmas Eve? You’re not alone. The pressure to over-give and overspend comes from all directions at this time of year.

Some ways to show you care while keeping a lid on your spending1 include:

  • Agree on a spending limit: Suggest to your loved ones that you set a limit on how much you will spend on gifts for each other. That way everyone’s on the same page.
  • Kids only: Talk to the other adults in your family about only buying presents for the kids this year, rather than for everyone.
  • DIY pressies: If you have a special skill, turn it into a present that will have sentimental as well as practical value. Online sites like Etsy and Pinterest have hundreds of ideas for cool things to make at Christmas for people of all ages.
  • The gift of experience: Tickets to a sports game or show can make a great present and give both you and the grandkids something to look forward to.

Plan ahead

Christmas logistics can get tricky with modern families. Celebrating Christmas over the entire holiday period, rather than just focusing on Christmas Day, can take the pressure off and help you spend more leisurely time with your grandkids.

Whichever day you end up hosting, remember to go easy on yourself and share the load. Being “Host with the most” can take a lot of energy! Ask everyone to bring a plate so you have more quality time with family.

Share your traditions

There are lots of ways to bring a sense of tradition into the lead up to Christmas. You could decorate the tree or put up Christmas lights together, or get the grandkids over one afternoon to make their own unique decorations.

Kids love getting presents, but it’s easy to forget that they also love giving back. Making your own Christmas presents from scratch is a fun way to get your kids involved in the gift giving tradition. It also fires up their imagination and helps them develop important creative skills. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out craft sites like Etsy or Pinterest for inspiration.

Making Christmas biscuits or other festive treats is a lovely way to spend time together too. White Christmas is a classic favourite for kids – what’s more, it’s a no-bake treat so they can make it themselves. If you have a family recipe you always follow at this time of year, pass it down to your grandkids and tell them the story behind it!

On Christmas Day, your traditions will shape everyone’s memories for years to come. Whether it’s swimming at your favourite beach, busting out the backyard cricket or relaxing with a Christmas movie in the evening, tradition is what you make of it.2

Make the most of your neighbourhood

Kids may tell you they want this or that for Christmas, but when they look back they’re more likely to remember the things you did together like attending Carols by Candlelight3 or the local Christmas pageant. It’s easy to forget about these old Christmas traditions through all the shopping sprees and expensive gifts, so why not take your grandkids to a nearby event in your neighbourhood?

Tapping into local events in your area can add a whole layer of fun to your family’s festivities, and they’re usually free. Check your local newspaper or online community board for what’s on in your area

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