Celebrating Real Fathers This September

At Real Insurance, we are celebrating fathers and the wisdom they have shared with us. Our Dads are always there for us and are often the ones to teach us many of our first life skills, such as learning to walk, reading a book, riding a bike or driving a car.

They may have also taken you on your first holiday; picked you up from the airport after your first overseas travel; helped you move into your first house, or showed you how to look after your first pet.

This week, we asked the Real Insurance team what they have been taught by their Dads. From plumbing to changing tyres, to making ice-cream sodas; the crew here at Real Insurance have a lot to be thankful for:

Mandy: My Dad taught me to think with a business head and be professional. I once won an office spoof award for ‘Office Smiler’. His response was, “Hey that’s great! Maybe next time you can get an award for something to do with your career…”

Dan: My Dad taught me accountability, and to take full responsibility for all aspects of life without expecting anyone to do anything for me. I also learnt from him resilience and "tough love" - having a soft heart but an iron will.

Jeff: Look further down the road whilst driving!

Ginny: As a father of 4 daughters, my Dad wanted us to become capable, independent women and be able to fend for ourselves. He was adamant about teaching us to change a tyre so we would never be stranded on the side of the road. Before we were allowed to get our learner’s license, we had to have a tyre changing tutorial with him. This has been a skill that has paid off many times over, particularly during my university years when I had no money for roadside assistance.

Michelle: My dad taught us girls how to make spiders using vanilla ice cream and creaming soda... takes me back.

Kate: My Dad took me through a course he invented called Plumbing 101, where I learnt to change a washer. Since then it's essential that anyone who moves out of home is qualified by my dad so my husband, brother and brother's girlfriend have all been qualified.

Jasmeena: My Dad taught me driving when I was really scared of it. He had such patience with me that no else could have had. That was the best thing my Dad taught me.

Sam: My dad taught me the value of hard work, and the importance of spending time as a family. With some unique teaching methods, he also taught me how to invest money wisely, and appreciate fine wines. Oh and that he was not the right person to teach me how to drive….

Jo: My dad taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels. He pushed me up the street and I remember he said “Trust me, everything will be ok, you will not fall”, and I didn’t. When I was 17 he taught me how to drive and I was worried about doing the three point turns in the tiny English streets and he again said “trust me, everything will be ok, you will not drive into the other cars”, and I didn’t.

Real Insurance would like to wish all the Dads out there a Happy Father’s Day and a big thank you for being there and teaching us everything you have.

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