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Cheapest cars to run

Insurance, registration, fuel and maintenance costs are all part of the total annual cost of owning a car. Choose a car that suits your budget.

Best cars for insurance

Best cars for car insurance. Discover what types of cars offer the best value on car insurance. From make and model, to safety ratings, history and more.

How to save money on car repairs

Reduce car repair expenses. Vehicle maintenance can put a real dint in your finances. Read our top tips on how to save money on car repairs.

What a car really costs to own

What a car really costs to own. Considering buying a car? Here are all the costs you can expect to pay when buying a car. Find out more with Real Car Insurance.

How technology is making your car safer

New technology means safety features in cars are even more advanced, giving you peace of mind on the roads.

Nine great locations for camping and caravanning in Australia with family

Looking for a camping spot in Australia? Here are the top locations around the country for camping with a family, from Queensland to Tassie.

The Best Australian Road Trips

Looking to hit the road this summer? Australia has thousands of kilometres of highways and drives to explore. Here are just some of the best.

Holiday driving

If you are planning a holiday, you have probably taken a great deal of time planning your destination, accommodation and which tourist attractions to visit. But many people forget to take the time to prepare for the long drive to get to their holiday destination. The following tips will help you prepare for holiday driving, to help ensure your holiday is memorable for all the right reasons!

How to save on your car insurance

Here at Real Insurance we understand that times are tough, and budgets are stretched, so we have put together some tips to help you save money on your car insurance.

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