Children’s Insurance

With Real Funeral Insurance, you can protect your whole family by choosing to add Children’s Insurance option to your policy. This means, you’ll receive a $10,000 payment if your child suffers a defined serious illness or injury or in the event of death.

You can choose to use this Benefit Amount any way you wish – for example to help cover medical bills, education costs, or any unforeseen costs that you may be faced with – so you can focus on getting your child better without financial worries.

Features of Children’s Insurance

  • Take out Children’s Insurance for any of your children who are aged between 2 and 17 years – with cover remaining in place until your child turns 21

  • The benefit is paid if your child suffers one of the following serious illnesses or injuries – Terminal Illness, Blindness, Deafness, Total and Permanent Loss of Use of One Limb, Encephalitis, Major Head Trauma, Meningitis, Paralysis, Benign Tumour of the Brain or of the Spinal Cord, Cancer, Severe Burns, Chronic Kidney Failure or Major Organ Transplant

  • Each insured child is covered for $10,000 under your policy

What’s Covered?

  • Cover is for Accidental Death only in the first three months
  • Your child will not be covered for any claimable injury or illness, or death from any cause, which becomes apparent or occurs before or during the first three months
  • The Benefit Amount is payable once per child insured

For more information on our optional Children’s Insurance, including limits and other conditions, read the Product Disclosure Statement or call 1300 665 287 now.

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