Money Matters

Income Protection Insurance – inside or outside super

Should you take out income protection insurance through your superannuation or directly through a policy you choose for yourself? Here are some of the issues you need to think about before you decide.

Changes in superannuation and what it means to you

With a .25% increase in the superannuation guarantee, se how these changes affect you and your superannuation contributions?

Pay cut for aussie workers

The superannuation guarantee has increased from 9% to 9.25% affecting the vast majority of Australian employees and employers.

Limits on workers comp highlight the need for income protection

Limits to workers compensation protection laws for Victorian workers mean that taking out income protection is even more important than ever.

Rising living costs put unprotected Aussie families at risk

Cost of living pressures have made Aussie families increasingly dependent on their weekly wage – making income protection cover more valuable than ever.

Is your income insured?

If you were unable to go to work, would your income be insured?

Aussie families without income protection put their financial security at risk

While many Australians have some life insurance through their superannuation, most fail to protect themselves against a temporary loss of income, putting their families’ financial security at risk.

Financial independence for young singles

Nothing's better than being young, free and in control of your own future. But you also need to be able to look after yourself when the unexpected happens. So it makes sense to have the right insurance cover.

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