Alzheimer’s Australia

Real Needs volunteers Claudia, Layla and Victor spent a day helping out staff at Alzheimer’s Australia, the peak body providing support and advocacy for the 257,000 Australians living with dementia.

The volunteers were tasked with sorting out bags for the stocktaking of the charity’s annual Memory Walk project. This entailed emptying hundreds of bags, sorting products and brochures into piles, and counted a mountain of water bottles and thousands of puzzle books. Altogether, the Real Needs team sorted 500 bags.

Victor thanked the staff at Alzheimer’s Australia for their incredible work in supporting such a good cause.

“The staff were really friendly,” said Claudia. “They made us lunch and were even willing to help us out!”

Layla agreed, adding: “It was a really great feeling to be able to help out and knowing that you had made a difference.”

The staff at Alzheimer’s Australia were very appreciative and sent the Real Needs team a note, thanking them for their efforts and enthusiasm.

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