Fundraising and exercise

For many runners, being able to raise funds for a great causes provides yet another incentive to train. However, if your friends are getting fed up with you passing round the hat, it may be time to get a bit more creative.

Kay Rumbelow learned this lesson when she joined Can Too, a fantastic program that coaches people through ocean swims, triathlons and runs to raise money for cancer research. Can Too doesn’t just teach people how to achieve what they never thought possible, they show them that taking part can benefit others.

Kay, for instance, has completed the trifecta of events through Can Too. Her recent efforts have seen her raise an amazing $5000 in 18 months. By making and selling chilli jam, organising yoga and personal training sessions for friends as well as hosting afternoon teas, Kay has made a difference.

Despite being the kid who always deliberately forgot her PE kit for school sport, Kay has completed ocean swims, a triathlon and a half marathon with Can Too. Not surprisingly, she explains: “My family has been really supportive but I had to be creative about how I fundraised rather than just ask for handouts.”

Kay says that by getting inventive she’s had a lot more fun, been a lot more sociable and feels she’s provided friends with positive new experiences rather than simply getting them to open their wallets.

The result is that she’s feeling proud and happy on every front. As well as changing her own life, health, self-confidence and fitness, Kay has raised valuable funds that will hopefully do the same for other people.

If you want to follow Kay’s lead try out these fundraising tips!

  • Got a birthday coming up? Ask people to donate to your chosen charity instead of buying cards or presents
  • Declutter your home and wardrobe (ask your friends if they’d like to do the same) and have a garage sale or market stall
  • Set up a Facebook fundraiser page and set your followers challenges like cutting out their coffee run for the day and donating the money they save to your cause
  • Host a barbecue and ask everyone to donate $10
  • Buy a small prize such as a box of chocolates or fruit basket and hold a ‘gold coin push’ in the office. Place the prize on a hard-surfaced floor and have people take turns sliding as many gold coins as they like towards it. The nearest coin wins and all proceeds go into your fundraising coffer!
  • Buy a bag of seed-raising mix and some packets of herb seeds, and in a few weeks time you’ll be ready for a plant sale. If you can bake cakes or create crafts why not offer them to buyers as well.
  • If you’ve got a particular skill then offer a paid-for master class. It could be cooking, candle-making, dancing, sport, art, wardrobe styling or even how to fold clothes and linen like a professional!

With these tips you are sure to reach your next fundraising goal!

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