Real Insurance wins AB+F Insurance Award

Australian insurance company, Real Insurance has won the annual Australian Banking & Finance Magazine Insurance Award for the best direct customer marketing campaign for its world-first, trust-based Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) motor insurance product. Roger Grobler, CEO Real Insurance, said: “PAYD has been a revelation since we launched it in the Australian insurance market. “It is a new kind of car insurance policy that gives people the chance to save money if they drive less. “In the past the Australian car insurance market was structured in a way which meant that low-mileage drivers were subsidising insurance costs for high-mileage drivers. “However, the motoring environment in Australia has fundamentally changed. Motorists are changing their travel patterns to accommodate the rising cost of petrol, increased traffic congestion and strained household budgets. In addition, environmentally conscious motorists are cutting down on their driving in response to climate concerns. “We believe that car insurance pricing is fundamentally inefficient and unfair. Two drivers of similar age, identical gender, comparable address and driving safety record should not have to pay the same premiums given that one may be driving four or five times the distance of the other. “We launched Pay As You Drive™ through a combination of an online campaign, PR, advertising and direct mail aimed at suburbs in NSW and Victoria where we knew we could offer highly competitive premiums. We also distributed flyers at train stations specifically aimed at those commuters who only travel to the station and back but yet pay the same premiums as people traveling into the city everyday. “The campaign was aimed at people over the age of twenty five who don’t use their cars that often and those who mainly use public transport to travel to and from work, drop their kids off at school or who have a second or third car that they only use to go on holiday,” said Grobler. For more information about Real Insurance and Pay-As-You-Drive please visit our Pay As You Drive Insurance product page

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