Tips to avoid real scares on Halloween night – how to make it fun!

Halloween is scary – but fun scary when it’s done right.

If things go wrong, however, it can be scary for all the wrong reasons. Unfortunately too many families experience the wrong kind of Halloween horror nights, with kid’s safety being at the heart of the scare.

Every parent is aware of the horror stories that can take place on Halloween – so how can you avoid them? Firstly, children under the age of 12 should always trick or treat with a responsible adult, and should always be supervised crossing roads.

It is important to decorate costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers and, if possible, choose light colours. Also consider face painting instead of masks as masks can obstruct a child’s peripheral vision, and have smaller children carry glow sticks or torches to ensure they are seen by any traffic.

Without hitting the panic button, parents should also be conscious of ‘stranger danger’. Nothing over the top, just simple things like checking that all lollies are in their original, unopened wrappers, and no children wander too far from the group should be enough to ensure fun, safe times.

How to make Halloween a screaming success

Enough of the scares – here’s how to make your kid’s Halloween night a fun, sugar overload riot! Because Halloween is a new “tradition” in Australia a bit of pre-planning is needed to ensure you know who is onboard with trick or treating in the neighbourhood. You can do this by doing a letterbox drop the week before, putting Halloween stickers in an envelope and instructing those who are willing to participate to stick one on their door on October 31st.

Throw your own scare-fest

You can always kick things off at your place by inviting the neighbours and family friends over. Fantastic decorations and supplies are easily available in novelty, discount shops and supermarkets. Then make some Halloween themed snacks (basically any snack you want with a Halloween themed twist: ie: Frankfurts become Frankenstein–furts!), and watch the kids go crazy!

Halloween black cat treasure hunt

If you find a shortage of treat offering neighbours, you could provide some Halloween themed fun and excitement by staging your own black cat treasure hunt. The aim of the game is simple – find the toy black cat! Clues can be hidden around the home or, for the more adventurous (and with neighbours permission, of course!) around the neighbourhood.

When your little ghosts and ghouls go trick or treating, as well as collecting lollies and fruit snacks from participating houses they can also be given clues to the black cat’s location – leading back home to where the search concludes, with prizes for everyone.

Simple, safe and fun – how Halloween should be.

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