Australian Car Lovers - The Bathurst 1000 Car Race

The Bathurst 1000 is the pinnacle of the Australian motor racing calendar and will be taking place from the 10th to the 13th of October. The famous event known as ‘The Great Race’ has been a favourite with car lovers for decades and attracts thousands of spectators every year.

In 2013 the motoring event will have the extra excitement of Nissan and Erebus joining the competition between Holden and Ford V8 Supercars in the race around Mount Panorama.

Bathurst, the host of the 1000km race, is a regional city a short drive west of Sydney with a vibrant town centre. Set amongst natural surroundings, the town is a great slice of the countryside with the conveniences of city living.

To celebrate the upcoming car racing season this October, we’ve collected the following facts about the iconic lap around Mount Panorama Circuit:

Facts about “The Great Race” – Bathurst 1000

  • The race began in 1960 and is an annual 1000km touring race held in Bathurst at Mount Panorama Circuit, New South Wales.
  • The race gained popularity in the 1960s when major manufacturers participated, making it known as ‘The Great Race’ of Australia.
  • The most successful winner of the Bathurst 1000 is Peter Brock, who was nicknamed as “King of The Mountain”.
  • Peter Brock made his debut in 1969 with the Holden Dealer Team.
  • Race winners receive the Peter Brock trophy in honour of the now deceased champion, who won the race nine times.
  • The cars on the track can reach up to 300km/h towards the end of the track, which is the longest straight racing track in Australia (1.9km).
  • In 1970 Holden changed from the Monaro to the Torana GTR XU-1, a specially developed Bathurst version of the car.
  • The race track has a 174 metre vertical difference between the highest and lowest points. With the tight turns of the course, it was originally thought to be unsuitable for larger cars; however a 4 cylinder car has not won the race since a Mini Cooper S in 1966. V8 and V6 vehicles have dominated the winners table ever since.
  • Since 1999, the race has been exclusively for V8 cars and is a round of the Supercar Championship Series.
  • The race evolved from the Armstrong 500 which was held on Phillip Island in Victoria on 20th November 1960. The race moved to Bathurst in 1963 after the track surface at Phillip Island broke up and became unsuitable for performance cars to drive on.
  • The race started the famous Holden-Ford rivalry, with Holden winning most of the races of car makers (25) and Ford winning the second amount with 14.

Bathurst is a great destination for a holiday, being approximately a 3 hour drive through the Blue Mountains from Sydney. The city becomes lively during the car festival with four days of practice and qualifying laps, and the final race taking place on Sunday. While you’re in Bathurst why not also visit the nearby town of Orange, surrounded by farmland and orchards, it is known as Australia’s Fruit Basket and Australia’s Colour City due to the highly regarded food and wine produced in the area.

With summer just around the corner and spring time in full swing, it’s also the perfect time to pack up the car and discover the best Australian road trips, as our country has kilometres of road just waiting to be explored. If you love your car, make sure you’ve got the right amount of cover in your car insurance policy to keep you covered in case something were to happen while you were on the road.

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