Real Funeral Insurance – Best Friends TV commercial

Getting Real Funeral Insurance is a simple thing you can do now to help make things easier for your family in the future.

Since you’re guaranteed acceptance if you’re an Australian Resident aged 18 to 79, it’s easy to get over the phone with no health checks. Just choose your benefit amount up to $15,000 which triples if death is accidental.

Plus, your premiums won’t increase over time, in fact they reduce by 5% every 5 years.

Learn more about cover your family can count on.

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Video transcript

Woman 1: I’ve been thinking about getting funeral insurance. Do any of you have it?

Man 2: Yes, of course.

Man 1: So, how’d you decide who to go with?

Woman 2: Well we really wanted funeral insurance that our family could count on when it comes time to claim.

Man 2: So we did one simple thing and got Real Funeral Insurance.

Customer Service Representative: Hundreds of thousands of Australians have chosen Real Insurance to help protect their families.

Since you’re guaranteed acceptance with Real Funeral Insurance, it’s easy to get cover over the phone with no health checks.

Just choose your cover amount up to $15,000.

And with the Real Payback Guarantee, the funeral benefit will always be your chosen cover amount or the total premiums paid – whichever’s more.

You’ll even get back 10% of the premiums you’ve paid with the Real Reward.

The claims process is stress free with our dedicated team located in Australia.

Real Funeral Insurance – cover your family can count on from a multi-award winning insurer you can trust.

For a quick quote call 139 138 or search Real Funeral Insurance!