How to save on home insurance

Here at Real Insurance we understand that times are tough, and budgets are stretched, so we have put together some tips to help you save money on your home and contents insurance.

Choose the right type of cover for you

Most importantly, you need to choose the type of home insurance cover that is right for you. Real Insurance offers two types of home insurance cover:

  • Essential Cover – Our basic home and contents policy at an economical price. This level of home and contents insurance offers protection against theft, fire, earthquakes, lightning, storms, impact, vandalism, bursting of water and other common threats.
  • Top Cover – Our most comprehensive home and contents insurance policy offers the added protection of accidental damage cover, higher policy limits and other benefits to give you that snug, warm feeling that everything is fully taken care of.

You should read our Product Disclosure Statement and decide which type of cover is right for you. If you have the wrong type of cover for your needs, you may be paying too much for your home or contents insurance.

Home insurance excess

Another factor that can directly affect your home insurance premium is the excess level that you choose. Generally speaking, the higher your excess, the lower your premium will be and vice versa. You can use our handy online home and contents insurance quote tool to get a home insurance quote, and use our excess ‘slider bar’ to see how the excess you choose can change the premium you need to pay. Once again, you need to select an excess that suits your needs, and that you can afford to pay in the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim.

Premiums based on your individual situation

When we calculate your home insurance premiums at Real Insurance, we take into account your individual situation. This is why we ask you where you about the security of your home (e.g. if you have an alarm or deadlocks). If your home has some or all of these security features we may be able to offer you a lower premium.

Real Insurance is an award-winning provider of home insurance.

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