Unusual Home and Contents insurance claims

Whether it’s Jennifer Lopez’s bottom or David Beckham’s legs, we understand the value of insuring our best assets. That’s why we take out home and contents insurance. We all want to protect the things we care about, especially the family home and the valuable and sentimental items we’ve collected over the years.

But when it comes to the crunch, is home and contents insurance really worth it? We’ll let you be the judge. Of the following real-life case studies below, guess which claims were accepted and paid out.

Case #1

Sarah1 was enjoying a walk on the jetty when she accidentally slipped and her glasses fell in the water. She managed to make it home, but as she stumbled through the door in her half-blind state, she slipped again… directly onto the laptop her daughter had left on the floor. The screen was cracked beyond repair.

Case #2

Sam1 kept a box of doggie treats hidden on top of the washing machine, which her clever dog was well aware of. He jumped up on the machine but in his haste, fell into the sink, hitting the tap with his hind leg. Although he managed to get the biscuits, he left behind a running tap which eventually flooded the laundry and leaked into the adjoining rooms.

Case #3

Judy’s1 partner proposed with a big diamond ring – the kind that made all those years’ worth the wait. She loved it so much it was no surprise that her son also found it irresistible. So irresistible, in fact, that he put it in his favourite spot in the whole house – the toilet bowl. Then he flushed it!

Case #4

Carl1 was proud of his aquarium, which he’d had specially built with hidden plumbing fitted inside the wall. It was state-of-the-art, with special lights and timers, which made it all the more unexpected when Carl discovered, upon returning home after a few days away, that it had leaked and flooded his entire house.

Case #5

Jason’s friend was welding in the driveway (as you do) when a spark ignited in the heat. A nearby vehicle caught fire, and despite their best efforts, the flames reached the house and destroyed a portion of Jason’s family home.

Of these cases, how many do you think were covered by home and contents insurance? Maybe one or two?

Wrong. All five.

That’s right, every single one of these rather bizarre claims were paid out by Real Insurance. So if you’re wondering whether taking out a policy is worth it, think about how you’d feel if this had happened to you.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your home and contents insurance:

  • Make sure you read the product disclosure statement and fully understand what’s covered and what’s not.
  • Balance the cost of the premium against what’s covered, as a cheaper policy may have strict rules or a long list of exclusions.
  • Keep a list of your contents along with photographs outside your home, as you’ll need them to help replace your items in case of a fire.
  • Along with a lump sum for your overall home contents, you should also ‘specify’ other valuable items under your policy, like jewellery, art or antiques, to their full value. Let your insurer know when you buy something new that’s of significant value, and have your specified items revalued regularly so your cover is up-to-date.

  1. All names have been changed to protect customer confidentiality

This advice is of a general nature only and does not take into account your personal circumstances and insurance needs.

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