New Year, new job, new start

Get fit, eat right, stop smoking, save money, save more money … do these sound familiar? Every year we make countless New Years resolutions, only to find come February we’re still lying on the couch, watching TV and thinking of ways to avoid the resolutions we set ourselves.

Many people also add “find a new job” to their list, but more than often this also ends up on the “too hard” list. But finding a new job doesn’t have to be a resolution that goes by the wayside if you follow a few pointers that will get your New Year job search off to a cracking start.

Top tips for finding a new job

1) Prepare your resume

Less is definitely more. Your resume is a concise “cheat sheet” into your professional background. And by cheat, that doesn’t mean lying! It just means that your resume should highlight the main points of your career in a crisp, clean one page document.

2) Make sure your contact details are correct

Check to ensure all your details are not only accurate, but also up to date. This means not using an email address that includes a silly or overly casual nickname, as well as ensuring that your mobile’s voice bank message isn’t one of those “funny” ones that is directed to close friends and relatives, leaving a prospective employer scratching their head.

3) Get online and get networking

From dating to car hunting to job searching – these days it’s an online world! Take advantage by joining all the professional sites like LinkedIn, including ones that are focussed only on your industry. This then leads to the next step …

4) Get offline and continue networking

Attend all the industry events you can, and put your best foot forward. That doesn’t mean panhandling for jobs or coming across as desperate. Just be your usual charming, witty self. You know – someone that a prospective employer would really like to work with.

Also, don’t neglect the people you already know. They just might know someone who knows someone.

5) Practice your pitch

Your pitch should be rehearsed to such a point that it could be what screenwriters in Hollywood call an “elevator pitch”. That is, it could be delivered in the 20 seconds it takes for someone to travel in an elevator to their floor. But your pitch should also be in the form of a written statement at the top of your resume that summarises your skills and why you would excel in your desired role.

6) Be consistent

The early months of the new year is traditionally a time when companies start hiring, so it’s important to hit the ground running in early January. But, like all New Year resolutions, your job search will work best if you’re consistent with it. If you cast your resume out and don’t get any nibbles, that might be an indication that your resume needs some tweaking. But you shouldn’t give up. Keep putting yourself out there and, sooner or later, chances are that someone will say ‘yes’.

And when you do get that ‘yes’ and start your dream job, that might be the perfect time to think about protecting your new income with Real Income Protection Insurance. After all, there’s no better way to look after yourself than insuring your income in case something was to happen to you.

A new job and looking after yourself better! That’s two resolutions kept right there.

This is general information and does not take account of your financial situation.

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