Cover that fits your life

Whether you’re a young single just starting out in the workforce, a family with growing children, or an empty nester looking forward to a comfortable retirement, Real Insurance has a life insurance policy to suit you.


If you’re single, you may think that life insurance isn’t for you. But it can actually offer you many benefits, including financial independence if you become seriously ill or disabled.

Young family

While most couples take out comprehensive insurance on the family car, many fail to protect their greatest asset of all – their family’s financial security.

Established family

As your family grows, make sure you protect the lifestyle that you have worked so hard to build.


The children have left and you’ve paid off the mortgage, but unless you have a large amount of funds set aside, your assets could be at risk from unpaid bills and funeral costs if you were to pass away. Life Insurance or Funeral Insurance can help you to manage these costs and provide financial support to your loved ones.

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