Life Insurance for Singles

How would your family cope if you became terminally ill, or passed away suddenly?

By taking out affordable cover now, you’re protecting your financial future just in case the very worst happens.

Life Insurance can help by paying a lump sum to your parents, siblings or other loved ones who are close to you if you pass away. This money can help them take care of any debts you might leave behind, such as a mortgage, school fees, credit cards or even your car repayments. It could also help keep any of your assets within the family (without them having to worry about selling your car or home, for example).

If you are diagnosed with a Terminal Illness, Life Insurance pays the lump sum to you, helping you maintain financial independence right until the end, letting you spend time with your loved ones without additional financial stresses.

You may be thinking to yourself “I’m young and don’t have a partner or kids that depend on me, so I don’t need Life Insurance” but it could make more sense to take out cover now rather than waiting until your situation changes.

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