You’re never too young to get life insurance

You’re never too young to find out if life insurance is right for you. In fact, the best time to get life insurance is when you’re young, fit and healthy, and there are loads of reasons why.

86% of Australian parents feel life insurance is an important safety net.1

The benefits of getting life insurance young

You’re more likely to be fully approved for life insurance when you’re young and healthy, and you may even be surprised at how reasonable the premiums are when applying at a younger age. Another plus with Real Insurance is that you can keep your cover for life.

Depending on the cover you choose, you may also be eligible for a higher benefit amount if you take out cover at a younger age. For example, a $1 million benefit can be approved for people aged 44 or younger, whereas those 45 and over can only be covered for up to $750,000.


Maximum Benefit

18 to 44

$1 million

45 to 54


55 to 59


60 to 64


86% of Australian parents feel life insurance is an important safety net, so explore your options today – it could be one of the most valuable decisions you make.

Real Insurance is an industry-leading provider of Life Insurance. Find out more about our affordable Life Insurance cover or request a free quote.


  1. Real Insurance Australian Family Protection Survey (April 2017)

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