“Ok Google, talk to Real Life Insurance.”

Getting information about life insurance is important, but so is having the time to do the things you love. That’s why Real Insurance has made it easier than ever to get the answers you need immediately and on demand. Your voice-controlled Google assistant can now answer all the important questions you have around getting life insurance for you and your family.

Ask me:

  • “Do I need life insurance?”
  • “Why do I need life insurance if I’m young and healthy”
  • “What if I have life insurance already in my superannuation?”

Once you have the information you need, you can ask to speak to one of our friendly team members who can help you with the application process. Additionally, you can request an information pack which we can email to you, if you’d like more time to consider your options.

Google voice assistant icon


hand holding a mobile and showing Google voice chat with Real Insurance

How to activate

Start your journey by saying “Ok Google, talk to Real Life Insurance”. You can connect through your mobile, smart speaker or any other Google Assistant enabled device.

image showing devices that extend Google Voice
image showing devices that extend Google Voice (Mobile view)

IMPORTANT: If you have an iOS device, you will need install the Google Assistant App first to enable the full experience. Download now.

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You can activate your Real Life Insurance Voice Journey using the following simple commands:

image showing Google assistant chats
image showing Google assistant chats (mobile view)